We are honored to present the inspiring journeys of those who have been positively impacted by our mission. Through the power of compassion and the generosity of our supporters, we have seen lives transformed and hope restored. Join us as we celebrate the incredible resilience and triumphs of our beneficiaries, as they inspire us all and remind us of the extraordinary difference we can make together.

Meet Samuel

When Samuel first came to our attention, he had bow legs that required surgery. At Crystal Ministries, our health and physiotherapy team thoroughly examined him and arranged a surgery appointment at Banso Baptist Hospital. With the unwavering support of Samuel’s parents, we successfully performed the surgery. Our dedicated physiotherapist provided comprehensive post-operative care and therapy, enabling Samuel to now enjoy a normal life, just like any child his age should. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our sponsors and everyone involved in making a meaningful impact in the lives of children with special needs.

Rina’s story

Rina, a child born with Down syndrome, faced numerous challenges during her time at a daily school where she was misunderstood. She endured stigmatization, humiliation, and even physical punishment from teachers who lacked knowledge about Down syndrome. The harsh environment became unbearable for Rina, leading her to eventually drop out of school.

When we first encountered her, the parents of this young girl were hesitant to consider any form of institutional care due to her traumatic past. However, through Crystal Ministries, we were able to offer her the necessary psycho-social support and successfully integrate her into our rehabilitation center in Melim. 

Additionally, we provided economic empowerment to her family, ensuring a stable foundation for her future. Today, she thrives in an inclusive environment where she not only feels truly embraced but also acquires essential life skills. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all those who contribute to positively transforming the lives of children with special needs.

To support our mission in empowering underprivileged children, we encourage you to reach out to Crystal Ministries. For inquiries regarding child sponsorship, Contact us at

crystal’s resource center 

Crystal Ministries, located in Melim, aims to address the resource gap in our rural area. By operating a community library and resource center, we provide access to academic books and digital services to children in our community. In addition, our arts and talents club serves as a platform for youth engagement, enabling them to participate in debates, brain box activities, and showcase their talents. Through these initiatives, we have successfully assisted thousands of young individuals in achieving academic success and overcoming the disadvantages faced by rural children. Our commitment is to ensure affordable access to textbooks and bridge the resource gap for all children in our community, fostering educational equality and empowering the next generation.

Crystal supporting parents

As part of our initiative to create inclusive communities for children with special needs, Crystal Ministries reached out to the Kive and Melim parent support groups. In phase 2 of the original economic support they had received, we provided them with essential items. Crystal Ministries has a total of seven parent support groups located at Tatum, Meluf, Melim, Djottin, Tadu, Faakwi, and Kivu.

Crystal Ministries unites parents of children with special needs through dedicated groups, facilitating the creation and management of small businesses. This empowers parents to provide their children with essential necessities like food and clothing. Alongside this, we utilize these platforms to offer comprehensive health, counseling, and advocacy services. Our commitment goes beyond supporting these parents; we strive to extend assistance to other children with special needs who currently lack access to the help they require within their communities, ensuring no child is left behind.

If you aspire to offer economic empowerment or extend your support to any of our groups, please connect with us through Crystal Ministries.