Our Vision


Rehabilitation Center

We provide basic rehabilitation services, like learning through play and arts, basic occupational therapy and life skills, and then provide a safe space where these children can come together to learn the word of God, worship, and Pray. The centre will provide space where children can learn self-love and confidence. The centre provides a safe place where the children can learn agape love and to love themselves as Jesus Christ loves them. (Photo at Rehab centre)

Education and Evangelism

We reach out to communities and families with the word of God, prayer meetings, and bible study and then help them to grow. We will also help mature Christians through online services.
Evangelism –Preaching the gospel offline and online (Bible verse of taking the gospel to the ends of the earth) We believe that the word of God is living and the life that comes from the word of God is eternal.


We do Counseling and support, home visits and outreach into communities where roads are bad and children with special needs find difficulty getting access to basic health care and drugs. We also carry out surgeries and pay bills for poor families with special needs who cannot afford medical bills.


We have a physiotherapist who helps with physiotherapy activities for children in need. We also do home visits to help parents with their physiotherapy activities from home and to do follow up.
We create awareness about mental and developmental delays and also provide some information on how to support the child.


We provide Economic, spiritual and psychological empowerment. Working with people to be the best versions of themselves so that they can be everything that God has called them to be. Working with people and helping them to become everything God has called them to be and also able to live fulfilled active and engaged lives within their communities.

Advocacy and sensitization

Be a voice for children with disabilities and encourage local stakeholders to create inclusive communities for these children. We work with stakeholders in the communities to remind them of the need to make the communities more inclusive for these children.